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About nLogin


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  • 🧩 Multiplatform
    • Velocity, BungeeCord, Waterfall, Folia, Paper, Spigot, Mohist and other platforms.
  • 🔌 Compatible with your plugins
  • 👥 Convert your registered users from various plugins
    • Run /nlogin converter <plugin> to start the migration.
  • ⏫ Update without requiring too many clicks
    • Customize the update settings with /nlogin update.
  • 🇺🇳 Support for multiple translations


  • /nlogin <command> [arguments]: the central command of the plugin. It is generally used for administration.
    • /nlogin support: lists support contacts.
    • /nlogin version: shows plugin version information.
    • /nlogin changepass <player> <new password>: changes a player's password.
    • /nlogin delete <player>: deletes a player's account
      • 🚨 UUID data may be lost after performing this operation. Don't be confused with the /nlogin unregister command.
    • /nlogin dupeip <player/ip>: lists accounts with the same IP address.
    • /nlogin forcelogin <player>: forces the login of an account.
    • /nlogin unregister <player>: removes an account's password.
    • /nlogin verify <player>: lists an account's information.
    • /nlogin reload: reloads the plugin settings.
    • /nlogin update: controls the update settings.
    • /nlogin spawn <action> <type>: controls the teleportation mechanism.
  • /changepassword <current password> <new password>: changes the registered password.
  • /discord [arguments] 💎: used to configure a Discord account as a second factor.
  • /email [arguments] 💎: used to configure an email as a second factor.
  • /login <password>: authenticates the registered player.
  • /offline 💎: marks the account as offline.
  • /premium 💎: marks the account as premium.
    • If executed via the console, enables/disables an account's premium mode.
  • /register: registers a password.
  • /unregister: unregisters your account.
    • This command is disabled by default. To activate it, go to the plugin's config.yml.

* 💎 = Premium version exclusive command.


  • nlogin.admin: differentiates a player from an administrator.
    • It grants access to special notifications and administrative commands.


  • nlogin.bypass.discord: skips registering a Discord account if the option to require Discord linking is enabled.
  • skips registering an email if the option to require linking an e-mail is enabled.


  • nlogin.command.nlogin.changepass: gives access to the /nlogin changepass command.
  • nlogin.command.nlogin.changeuuid: gives access to the /nlogin changeuuid command.
  • nlogin.command.nlogin.delete: gives access to the /nlogin delete command.
  • nlogin.command.nlogin.register: gives access to the /nlogin register command.
  • nlogin.command.nlogin.unban: gives access to the /nlogin unban command.
  • nlogin.command.nlogin.unregister: gives access to the /nlogin unregister command.
  • nlogin.command.nlogin.verify: gives access to the /nlogin verify command.
  • nlogin.command.discord: gives access to 2FA via Discord /discord.
  • gives access to 2FA via email /discord.


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