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Premium Benefits

nLogin offers exclusive benefits in its paid version. Check them out below.

Special support

You will receive an exclusive tag in the Discord group. All your tickets will be prioritized by our team.

Your ticket will be highlighted. Use /linkaccount to receive your tag.

Linking accounts

Your players will be able to link their email and Discord accounts.

Once linked, it will be possible to:

  • activate a second factor for the user, adding an extra layer of security to authentication.
  • use the integrated account as a form of login recovery.
  • integrate the accounts provided into other server applications (forums, stores, Discord group, etc).

In addition...

You can force the player to register an email address during authentication, preventing access by bots or duplicate accounts.

The player will be unable to perform any action before entering an account. Verification via email is mandatory, unless you have the permission.


You can also limit the number of times an account can be used!
By default, the limit is one account for one user.

More convenient authentication

Are you a youtuber or streamer and need to hide your password every time you log in? Or are you just tired of logging in all the time?

With the premium version of nLogin, you can authenticate your account automatically whether you're offline or original. Check it out below:

Login sessions

If a player is offline, they don't have to enter their password constantly.

By default, login sessions last 5 minutes, but you can change this in config.yml.

Test Server
Demonstration of automatic login by sessions on the test server.

Login for premium

If a player is premium, they don't need to enter any password (not even the first time they log in).

Just log in and play. Simple as it sounds.

Test Server
Demo of automatic premium login on the test server.

Login to Bedrock

If a player accesses via Bedrock, they do not need to log in.

How do I get it?

You can buy nLogin Premium through our website.

Try it now!

We host a server for testing the premium version of nLogin. Access it via the IP

Test Server


Need help? Contact our support team if you still have questions.