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🛂 Permissions

nChat permissions are divided into two types.


Specific permissions are only valid for one channel.


<channel permission>.<modifier>.



  • <channel permission>.chat: permission to send and read messages.
  • <channel permission>.read: permission to read messages.
  • <channel permission>.write: permission to send a message.
  • <channel permission>.focus: permission to focus (via /focus) on a channel.


  • <channel permission>.colors: permission to use all colors in messages.
  • <channel permission>.format: permission to use all formats in messages.
  • <channel permission>.hex: permission to use hex colors in messages.
  • <channel permission>.magic: permission to use the magic (&k) format in messages.
  • <channel permission>.highlight: permission to highlight messages.
  • <channel permission>.fix-messages: permission to fix messages.
  • <channel permission>.replace-messages: permission to replace messages.
  • <channel permission>.item: permission to use the [item] tag in messages.


  • <channel permission>.bypass.delay: permission to have no delay in messages.
  • <channel permission>.bypass.messagecost: permission to have no cost in messages.
  • <channel permission>.bypass.mute: permission to talk even when the channel is muted.


  • <channel permission>.spy: permission to spy on the channel.

The value of <channel permission> can be found in your channel file

Example: channels/public/local.yml


Global permissions are valid for all channels or contexts.





  • nchat.allcolors: permission to use colors on ALL channels.
  • nchat.allformat: permission to use formats on ALL channels.
  • nchat.hex: permission to give access to hex colors (&#) for ALL channels.
  • nchat.magic: permission to give access to the magic style (&k) for ALL channels.
  • nchat.tell.colors: permission to use all colors in /tell.
  • nchat.tell.format: permission to use all formats in /tell.
  • nchat.tell.hex: permission to give access to hex colors (&#) for ALL private channels.
  • nchat.tell.magic: permission to give access to magic style (&k) for ALL private channels.


  • - permission to use the /chat command (added by default).
  • nchat.clearchat - permission to use the /chat clearchat command.
  • nchat.muteall: permission to use the /chat muteall command.
  • nchat.spy: permission to use /chat spy.
  • permission to use /nchat channel.
  • nchat.command.criarcanal: permission to use /nchat criarcanal.
  • nchat.command.reload: permission to use /nchat reload.
  • nchat.tell.lock: permission to lock recipients with /tell (added by default).


  • nchat.bypass.capslock: permission to bypass capslock rules.
  • nchat.bypass.delay: permission to bypass delay on ALL channels.
  • nchat.bypass.ignore: permission not to be ignored (via /ignore).
  • nchat.bypass.vanish: permission to not send the message "No players nearby" if the admin is in vanish (must be added for admins).


  • nchat.censor.notify: permission to receive censor notifications.

Need help? Contact our support team if you still have questions.