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Premium Benefits

nAntiBot offers exclusive benefits in its paid version. Check them out below.

Special support

You will receive an exclusive tag in the Discord group. All your tickets will be prioritized by our team.

Your ticket will be highlighted. Use /linkaccount to receive your tag.


Using the nAntiBot firewall

In the free version of the plugin, the firewall is limited to the seventh network layer, so mitigation will not work as efficiently as it could.

L7 Firewall
Example of an attack mitigated with a firewall at the application layer.

Using the operating system firewall

When you purchase the premium version of nAntiBot, the firewall will act at the fourth layer of the network, enabling more efficient mitigation.

L4 Firewall
Example of an attack mitigated with the operating system's firewall.


  • #️⃣ You must have root access (root).
  • 🐧 You need to run your server on a Linux-based system.
  • 🖧 Shared hosts are incompatible for the time for now.

Customized domain

You can choose a domain for online verification.

How do I get it?

You can buy nAntiBot Premium through our website.

Try it now!

We host a server for testing the premium version of nAntiBot. Access it via the IP

Test Server


Need help? Contact our support team if you still have questions.